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32 signs of a Buddha

6 Paramitas

Medicine Buddha

Vajrasattva- Dorje Sempa

H.E. Tai Situpa teaching about the 6 Paramitas (Video)


This website is a project I am working on in my spare time, for the benefit of everyone with an interest in Buddhism and Dharma related topics. I am trying to accumulate information here and make it available in three languages (English, German, Spanish). Please click on the flags above to change to the corresponding version of this website.



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In the process of this task, I am sometimes putting links to other websites, to videos, or am using picture material I found online (stating the source). Where possible, I will always ask your permission first. Should this not have happened, and you are the owner of the material and want it removed here, please contact me. 

Should you find an error in the information given here, a mistake in the translation, or you would like to add some information, please contact me.